Veteran singles

There were initially 17 entries with 2 dropping out on the day due to health issues so the remaining 15 took to the tables with a fairly wide range of abilities in groups which ensured that all players got more than a single game for their entry fee.
The anticipated top 8 players fought their way to the quarter finals with Messrs. Adams, Cole, Baker and Gehlot then proceeding to the semi's. Both semi's were hard fought but the top 2 seeds Martin Adams and Hari Gehlot won through to contest the final. This was a very entertaining final and a 1-0 1-1 2-1 2-2 through to the fifth and final game match where Hari Gehlot managed to seal the last leg by the minimum 2 points necessary, a good advert for any age group of table tennis.

Under 21 singles

There was a disappointing 6 entries for this competition, so 2 groups of 3 where the the top 2 from each group went through to the semi-finals. Yonatan Slobodskoy and Joe Barraclough in one and in the other Sam Ricks and Johnson Xu. The final was contested between Yonatan and Sam with Sam coming out a comfortable winner in 3 sets.

Mens singles

With the same number on entries (17) as the veterans not a well-supported category but once again , at least, a smattering of lower division standard players who I am pleased to say did aat least enjoy their matches. Again we saw the anticipated top 8 players contesting the quarter finals where the first shock took place, the number 3 seed Hari Gehlot taken out by Sam Ricks in 4 sets.The semi finals were contested between Daniel Moses and Sam Ricks and Ian Cole with Martin Adams the top 2 seeds. The final produced some very good table tennis even though it was a straight sets victory to Daniel Moses but another superb example of quality Table tennis in our local area.

Graded Singles

A smaller entry than the previous year and with 2 dropping out on the day it didn't help matters, nevertheless the remaining 10 entrants did battle to reach the semi-finals, there were some well fought matches in these early group stages with some 5 setters and others over 4 sets so some well contested matches. The semi's saw Celia Hooker take on Zoltan Kelemen and Tamir Slobodskoy face Wendy Porter. The Hooker / Kelemen semi was a nip and tuck affair through to the fifth game when suddenly Zoltan surged ahead to take himself to the final where he faced Wendy Porter who had a straight sets victory over Tamir. The final was a good match but Wendy proved to be just too strong for Zoltan.

Ladies Singles

With an initial 8 entries only, we started with 2 groups of 4 but with one dropping out at the start. The top 2 in each group went through to contest the semi's with Liz Bookman facing Celia Hooker and Sue Purton facing Wendy Porter. Liz and Sue came through to the final which was a straight sets victory to Liz Bookman but not without some opposition from Sue.

Mens Doubles

There were 3 groups of 3 pairs in this competition, small in numbers but not in ability. As there was only 3 groups the final was contested as a group with the 3 group winners going through. Most of the first round group matches went to 4 legs so there were no real easy matches for any pair but the winners were Martin Adams and Ian Cole, Steve Miller and Antony Baker and Hari Gehlot and Mark Banks. In the final group the Gehlot / Banks pairing proved to be too strong for both other pairs and were the overall winners with Adams / Cole in second place.

Mixed Doubles

This final event saw 8 pairs from an original entry of nine take to the battlefield in 3 groups but as with the men's doubles the 3 group winners would contest a final group of 3. This event is usually a great leveller and in this case was indeed so. There were a few , but only a few, one sided matches but in the main it was a well contested event. The final three pairs were Wendy Porter/Daniel Moses, Gwynne Penny/Martin Adams and Liz Bookman/ Hari Gehlot. Overall this was a well fought final group with well-matched pairs giving those who stayed on to see the final events some good table tennis to watch but in the end the winners and retaining their 2015/2016 title were Wendy Porter and Daniel Moses.

Ladies Doubles

This was a small but very competitive group who played in one group of 4 , so all played all and as a category, overall, was probably the most hard fought and evenly matched competition of the day. The winners were Liz Bookman and Louise Forster beating Celia Hooker and Jenny Tanner into second place. There was some great table tennis from these ladies.

A very small entry to what should be a premier local tournament, but my thanks as organiser to those who did enter and my thanks again for your thanks to me on the day , it makes the work worthwhile.
Allan Bruton (tournament organiser)