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The championships were held at the Kingfisher table tennis club on 11th and 12th November 2017.

The overall entry this season was marginally up from 33 to 38 with some new entrants which was encouraging. As organiser I need to thank the local league coordinators and web managers for their help in spreading the word and to Wendy Porter for her efforts before and during the event.

Veteran singles

This season there were 19 entries with however only 2 of the more established top guns in attendance, but that did not detract from some lively encounters throughout the group stage.
Having 6 groups meant that the semi final stage was a further 2 groups of 3 round 1 winners, leading to a final of the 2 anticipated protagonists Martin Adams and Hari Gehlot. On this occasion it was Martin's day.

Under 21 singles

This competition was very much under subscribed with only 6 entrants, however the standard produced was good and most of the entrants were from the Reading youth league ,so this must auger well for the future
This competition was played in 2 groups of 3 with a winner and runner up from each group going forward to the semi-finals The final saw Joe Barraclough beating Rayaan Asghar and Ralph Philips overcoming Benedict Carless in 5 very competitive sets.
Very watchable table tennis chaps.

Men's singles

Men's singles This event started with 23 entries with some new names which was good news but without some of our regular entrants. We had a couple of last minute withdrawals from the previous days veteran event but started with 8 groups which sent 8 winners and runners up through to round 2 with the winners advancing to quarter finals and then to the final 4 semi-finalists. On the way there were a few competitive matches with some of the new faces and indeed a returning face making their presence felt .
The semi finals of Daniel Moses and Sagar Sawant and Martin Adams and Lyazid Wirkhani produced an expected final of Daniel and Martin, we all awaited that final in eager anticipation, however on this day and to be fair at the end of a long hard day, Daniel Moses was not in the mood to hang around as he swept Martin aside in 3 sets even though the whole match was one to watch and marvel at it's quality
Some match guys!!

Ladies single's

A small entry of only 7 ladies but what a competition, throughout the group stage and the semi-finals the standard was a treat to watch with Celia Hooker and Gwynne Penny dispatching Wendy Porter and Sue Purton to reach the final. The final was again not an easy win but Celia Hooker took the honours on the day.

Graded Singles

This event had 13 entries which included 5 new faces some who proved to be competing locally way below their actual playing standard but nevertheless perfectly entitled to participate at this time. Overall there were more 5 set matches in this event than in any of the others so very competitive and hard fought. 4 groups with the winnrs making the semi-finals with the eventual winner Vidhu Ravinath , new boy, overcoming Igor Sremac another new boy in a 4 set final .

Men's Doubles

Only 7 pairs in this event but some very useful pairings some by design and some by partners wanted and some quality matches ensued. The final between Daniel Moses and Sam Ricks were too good on the day for Martin Adams and Ian Cole but a good match nonetheless.

Mixed Doubles

This event had 7 entries, all the ladies had entered this and there were some established pairings as well as some new ones. Played as ever in groups one of 3 pairs and one of 4,and, as this event was toward the end of the day there were some very heavy legs out in the arena so the decision was taken to put just the group winners through to the final and what a final, 5 scintillating sets between Daniel Moses and Wendy Porter against Martin Adams and Sue Purton. Won by a whisker at 11-9 by Daniel and Wendy. A great match to watch.

Ladies Doubles

There were only 3 pairs in this competition so 1 group of 3 all play all final with some hard fought matches . Wendy Porter and Sue Purton beating Celia Hooker and Jenny Tanner in appropriately the final match of the group.

Allan Bruton (tournament organiser)


Veteran singles

There were initially 17 entries with 2 dropping out on the day due to health issues so the remaining 15 took to the tables with a fairly wide range of abilities in groups which ensured that all players got more than a single game for their entry fee.
The anticipated top 8 players fought their way to the quarter finals with Messrs. Adams, Cole, Baker and Gehlot then proceeding to the semi's. Both semi's were hard fought but the top 2 seeds Martin Adams and Hari Gehlot won through to contest the final. This was a very entertaining final and a 1-0 1-1 2-1 2-2 through to the fifth and final game match where Hari Gehlot managed to seal the last leg by the minimum 2 points necessary, a good advert for any age group of table tennis.

Under 21 singles

There was a disappointing 6 entries for this competition, so 2 groups of 3 where the the top 2 from each group went through to the semi-finals. Yonatan Slobodskoy and Joe Barraclough in one and in the other Sam Ricks and Johnson Xu. The final was contested between Yonatan and Sam with Sam coming out a comfortable winner in 3 sets.

Mens singles

With the same number on entries (17) as the veterans not a well-supported category but once again , at least, a smattering of lower division standard players who I am pleased to say did aat least enjoy their matches. Again we saw the anticipated top 8 players contesting the quarter finals where the first shock took place, the number 3 seed Hari Gehlot taken out by Sam Ricks in 4 sets.The semi finals were contested between Daniel Moses and Sam Ricks and Ian Cole with Martin Adams the top 2 seeds. The final produced some very good table tennis even though it was a straight sets victory to Daniel Moses but another superb example of quality Table tennis in our local area.

Graded Singles

A smaller entry than the previous year and with 2 dropping out on the day it didn't help matters, nevertheless the remaining 10 entrants did battle to reach the semi-finals, there were some well fought matches in these early group stages with some 5 setters and others over 4 sets so some well contested matches. The semi's saw Celia Hooker take on Zoltan Kelemen and Tamir Slobodskoy face Wendy Porter. The Hooker / Kelemen semi was a nip and tuck affair through to the fifth game when suddenly Zoltan surged ahead to take himself to the final where he faced Wendy Porter who had a straight sets victory over Tamir. The final was a good match but Wendy proved to be just too strong for Zoltan.

Ladies Singles

With an initial 8 entries only, we started with 2 groups of 4 but with one dropping out at the start. The top 2 in each group went through to contest the semi's with Liz Bookman facing Celia Hooker and Sue Purton facing Wendy Porter. Liz and Sue came through to the final which was a straight sets victory to Liz Bookman but not without some opposition from Sue.

Mens Doubles

There were 3 groups of 3 pairs in this competition, small in numbers but not in ability. As there was only 3 groups the final was contested as a group with the 3 group winners going through. Most of the first round group matches went to 4 legs so there were no real easy matches for any pair but the winners were Martin Adams and Ian Cole, Steve Miller and Antony Baker and Hari Gehlot and Mark Banks. In the final group the Gehlot / Banks pairing proved to be too strong for both other pairs and were the overall winners with Adams / Cole in second place.

Mixed Doubles

This final event saw 8 pairs from an original entry of nine take to the battlefield in 3 groups but as with the men's doubles the 3 group winners would contest a final group of 3. This event is usually a great leveller and in this case was indeed so. There were a few , but only a few, one sided matches but in the main it was a well contested event. The final three pairs were Wendy Porter/Daniel Moses, Gwynne Penny/Martin Adams and Liz Bookman/ Hari Gehlot. Overall this was a well fought final group with well-matched pairs giving those who stayed on to see the final events some good table tennis to watch but in the end the winners and retaining their 2015/2016 title were Wendy Porter and Daniel Moses.

Ladies Doubles

This was a small but very competitive group who played in one group of 4 , so all played all and as a category, overall, was probably the most hard fought and evenly matched competition of the day. The winners were Liz Bookman and Louise Forster beating Celia Hooker and Jenny Tanner into second place. There was some great table tennis from these ladies.

A very small entry to what should be a premier local tournament, but my thanks as organiser to those who did enter and my thanks again for your thanks to me on the day , it makes the work worthwhile.
Allan Bruton (tournament organiser)


The championships were held on 5th and 6th December at the Kingfisher table tennis club

Sat 5th Dec. Veteran singles

The veterans competition was down in numbers from previous seasons and further disrupted when some of the players were seconded to the senior first team for matches on the same weekend in the premier division of the county championships, however some lively competition took place and without some of the would be seeds missing there were more players of a similar standard. The event was eventually won by Martin Gunn who was the only true seeded player in the draw, the runner up Allan Bruton. Under 21, Only 7 original entries with 2 withdrawals on the day so an all play all round robin group of 5 took place and again the only recognised seed to enter was one of the withdrawals due to work commitments the other players had a very good and even tournament with Yonatan Slobodskoy coming out the winner with Thomas Perkins runner up.

Sun 6th Dec. Mens singles

Again a smaller entry than in previous seasons and again compromised by the loss of players, probable seeds, to the senior first team,this meant players promoted to seeded positions but 2 of those were non shows on the day so the whole competition was compromised, however there were 2 of the original seeds in place and actually the No 1 and No2 . There was some very good table tennis played by the participants and all enjoyed their table tennis the final was a well contested affair with the eventual winner being Martin Gunn and Daniel Moses as runner up.

Graded Singles

An initial entry of 17 a pleasing increase on previous seasons so this prompted the increase of prize money to match the senior singles level, obviously an area of growth and one where the participants do not face the higher level players so start off with a more level standard so more of a chance to proceed in the competition.. A couple of no shows again so last minute replacements were found on the day, overall a very good and hard fought competition with two juniors coming through to contest the final. Yonaton Slobodskoy just a little too strong for another of our junior girls in Anaya Patel, A young lady to wotch in the future I think.

Ladies Singles

With an initial entry of nine ladies there was a no show from one so 2 groups of 4 ladies contested this competition with the winners and runners up going through to the semi finals, this competition brought together all age group from juniors to veterans and the final was indeed played by one player from each of these categories. The eventual winner and defending champion Celia Hooker fending off the up and coming Scarlett Jones.

Mens Doubles

10 pairs contested this competition but as with all the events the missing players made quite a difference but some good hard fought matches took place with the eventual winners Daniels McTiernan and Moses were too strong for the Martin Gunn/Allan Bruton partnership although Martin tried very hard to carry his passenger home,it was a bridge too far on the day and being the final match on the sheet did not help.

Mixed Doubles

This attracted 8 pairs with 2 seeds who fought their way to the final. The winners Wendy Porter and Daniel Moses proving too strong for Gwynne Penny and Martin Gunn.

Ladies Doubles

This competition started with only 4 pairs which was down to 3 pairs due to one player failing to turn up. There were a couple of close fought matches in this very small entry and the final ended up with the repeat of a first round match between Sue Purton and Wendy Porter facing Katie Shepherd and Anaya Patel, but in the final the two talented juniors turned the tables on the senior pairing and Katie and Anaya were the winners.

My thanks to all the participants for entering I hope you all had two days enjoyable table tennis.
Allan Bruton ( organiser).



Viterbo wins maiden Berkshire Closed Title

The Berkshire Closed table tennis tournament took place over the first weekend of December and a number of new players made an impact with no fewer than seven new champions emerging from the eight events held.

With Berkshire's top three ranked players all away playing in the British League Premier Division, Italian player Federico Viterbo took maximum advantage to became the Berkshire Closed Men's Singles Champion at his very first attempt. The second seed beat the first seed and a multiple former winner Martin Adams in a very entertaining final by three sets to two.

In the first semi final Viterbo beat young Daniel McTiernan in straight sets. Sixth seed McTiernan enjoyed a terrific 3-1 win over the third seed Daniel Moses in the quarter finals. In the second semi final, Adams came through in a tight five set encounter with another newcomer, Chinese penholder Trung Tran, who was seeded fifth. Tran had earlier disposed of fourth seed Mark Banks in his quarter final.

In the Ladies Singles, second seed Clare Woodham overcame top seed Wendy Porter 3-2 in a pulsating final in which Porter was 2-1 up before finally succumbing to Woodham's consistent attack. The semi finalists were Diane Taylor and Poonam Gaur, who took Woodham to five sets.

The Mens Doubles was won by the two Daniel's (McTiernan and Moses) in some style with a 3-0 victory over top seeds Banks and Adams in the final, following another straight sets win over second seeds Viterbo and Tony Reynolds in the semi finals. The other semi finalists were the young pairing of Sam Liu and Gus Thomis.

The Ladies Doubles saw top seeds Porter and Woodham combine to win the title, beating Penny Gwynne and Poonam Gaur 3-1 in the final.

The Mixed Doubles was won by Woodham and Viterbo who beat Porter and Moses 3-0 in a final that including two deuce sets.

The Veterans event was well contested with fourteen entrants. The top two seeds met in the final and it was Tony Reynolds who overcame Ian Cole 3-1 in a well contested match to take his maiden Vets title.

The Under 21s event was won by defending champion Daniel Moses in his last year in this age group. Moses overcame Daniel McTiernan 3-2 in a see-saw match having been two sets down at one point. The losing semi finalists were Danny Ricks and his younger brother Sam Ricks.

The Graded event (for players not playing in the first Division of their Leagues) was won for the first time by Chinaman Xiao Huang who beat a battling Michael Houghton 3-2 in the closest finish of the weekend.

The tournament was very well organised and run by committee members Eric Van Looy and Allan Bruton on behalf of the Royal County of Berkshire TTA and supported by a large and appreciative audience. The Kingfisher Club did a fine job of hosting the event again, which will be the last time at the current venue due to redevelopment at the site.

Final Results

Mens Singles - Federico Viterbo beat Martin Adams 3-2 (1-11,11-9,11-7,7-11,11-6)

Ladies Singles - Clare Woodham beat Wendy Porter 3-2 (11-8,9-11,7-11,11-5,11-9)

Under 21 Singles - Daniel Moses beat Daniel McTiernan 3-2 (5-11,5-11,12-10,11-7,11-8)

Veterans Singles - Tony Reynolds best Ian Cole 3-1 (11-4,9-11,12-10,11-9)

Graded Singles - Xiao Huang beat Michael Houghton 3-2 (11-7,8-11,8-11,11-8,12-10)

Mens Doubles - Daniel McTiernan and Daniel Moses beat Mark Banks and Martin Adams 3-0 (11-7,13-11,11-5)

Ladies Doubles - Wendy Porter and Claire Woodham beat Penny Gwynne and Poonam Gaur 3-1 (11-8,11-3,9-11,11-4)

Mixed Doubles - Claire Woodham and Federico Viterbo beat Wendy Porter and Daniel Moses 3-0 (12-10,14-12,11-8)


L-R Martin Adams (runner-up), Federico Viterbo (winner) and Eric Van Looy (Berkshire TTA Secretary). Click on image to enlarge.



This seasons County Cadets (under 15's) are playing in Division 1C with round 1 and 3 being held at the Waterside Club in Totton, and round 2 in Trowbridge. The team consisted of players who played together last season, namely, Joshua Gallen, Sam Liu, Gus Thomis, Jamie Liu, Katie Shepherd and Scarlett Jones.

In the first round against Dorset 1 the Berkshire team managed a 5-5 draw with debutant Jamie picking up the teams’ first point with an impressive 3-2 victory in his very first County match. There were further wins for Josh, Sam and Scarlett to help secure the teams 5 points.

Next up were Hampshire 1 who were fielding a very strong team and following some very hard fought and close matches with all players showing some brilliant play, an inspired Hampshire team managed an 8-2 win with just Josh and Sam picking up victories to show for their efforts.

The last group of the day was Gloucestershire and by the seventh match Berkshire were leading 4-3 with some excellent play and closely fought matches. However, their opponents fought back hard and managed to secure the next 3 points giving them a 6-4 victory over Berkshire. There were some tremendous matches with Katie, Josh, Gus and Scarlett each picking up a point for the team.

Next is was off to Trowbridge to play Wiltshire and Somerset who both fielded an incomplete team with only one girl player between them which was hugely disappointing. However, two convincing 10-0 wins were recorded.

The last round of matches were very exciting with the Berkshire Cadet team starting the day in 4th place. Following some very solid and convincing performances by all the players we won all 4 matches against our opponents to gain a very well deserved 3rd place in the group with just one point separating us from our 2nd placed rivals.

Huge congratulations to all the players who each contributed to the great performance of the team and especially to Jamie who was making his debut at these County Championships.

Many thanks for the support given by the parents of the six players involved.

Berkshire -v- Dorset 1             5-5
Berkshire -v- Hampshire 1       2-8
Berkshire -v- Gloucestershire   4-6

Berkshire -v- Somerset           10-0
Berkshire -v- Wiltshire             10-0

Berkshire -v- Worcestershire    7-3
Berkshire -v- Hampshire 2        9-1
Berkshire -v- Dorset 2             10-0
Berkshire -v- Glamorganshire   6-4

Berkshire Cadet Team 2013-2014 Berkshire Junior Team 2013-2014. Click on image to enlarge.

Berkshire Cadet Team 2013-2014 Berkshire Junior Team 2013-2014 in action. Click on image to enlarge.


Extract from R and DTTA Newsletter.

The Royal County of Berkshire Table Tennis Association (RCBTTA) Senior Team finished as runners-up in this season's County Championships Premier Division.

Lying in second coming into the second and final weekend's play in Wood Green (West Midlands) the team enjoyed three more wins and a draw to finish level on points with Middlesex who retained their title courtesy of a superior sets difference by just three.

Berkshire enjoyed fine wins against Sussex (7-3), Yorkshire (7-3) and Essex 6-4) and the draw came against Derbyshire (5-5).

Captain David Barr led the way with seven victories and only one loss (to the Essex number one Martin Kubrt). The senior veteran's performance was mirrored by junior Liam McTiernan who also won seven of his eight matches with his loss coming against Yorkshire number one Simon Noutch. The form of both players was a major reason for Berkshire's highly placed finish.

All county sides must contain two women and Berkshire are lucky enough to have two of the finest young juniors in the country in Maria Tsaptsinos and Megan Knowles. Both girls played their part with some important wins including Maria's against Derbyshire's Abbie Milwain and Essex number one Evangeline Collier and Megan's victory over Yorkshire's Nicole Finn.

The fifth player making his Berkshire debut was Bradley King who is studying at Reading University and plays and coaches at Our Lady of Peace Table Tennis Club in Earley. Replacing Martin Adams who was unavailable, Bradley managed one win but came close to others and supported the team well throughout.

The team were thrilled to pick up their County Championships Runners-up trophies from organiser Ken Elliott.



This season's Berkshire Intertown tournament, being held at the Kingfisher Club in Woodley, saw four affiliated leagues (Reading, Bracknell, Maidenhead and Newbury) aiming to win the Barbara Peisley trophy, which had been won by Reading last year.

Reading retained the Peisley Trophy, with Newbury runners-up.

LeagueTotal Peisey Points
Reading 24
Newbury 16
Bracknell 13
Maidenhead 4


This season's Berkshire Intertown tournament, being held at the Kingfisher Club in Woodley, saw three affiliated leagues (Bracknell & Wokingham, Maidenhead and Reading & District) aiming to win the Barbara Peisley trophy, which had been won by Reading last year. The three leagues were joined by an All Star team, who substituted for the Newbury League following their decision not to participate in the competition this year.

In the Seniors event, Reading fielded a very strong team of Under 21 year olds in Daniel Moses, Daniel McTiernan and Sam Ricks, and their strength showed in all three games they played. Reading dropped only two sets for a 4-2 win against the experienced Maidenhead team of Federico Viterbo, Hari Gehlot and Viliam Andrascik and whitewashed Bracknell & Wokingham (Ian Cole, Phil Mead and John Willcocks) and the young All Stars (Joshua Gallen, Sam Liu and Gus Thomis) 6-0.

Maidenhead, with an undefeated Federico, took second place after two 4-2 wins over Bracknell and the All Stars. Though Bracknell did not win any matches, they took third place as the All Stars were not eligible for place points. Bracknell's top player was Ian Cole, who managed to win two sets against the All Stars.

Last but not least, thanks goes out to Joshua, Sam and Gus for providing the extra games. They had an impressive win over Bracknell and went down fighting to a 2-4 defeat against Maidenhead, with fourteen year old Gus Thomis only missing out 11-9 in the fifth end against Hari Gehlot.

TeamWinDrawLossPeisley Points
Reading & District Seniors2004
Maidenhead Seniors1013
Bracknell & Wokingham Seniors0022

In the Veterans event, the three local league teams were more evenly matched. Bracknell & Wokingham ended up on top after a 3-3 draw against Reading (with a win each for Graham Outrim, Daryl Griffith and Richard Fifield) and a hard-fought 4-2 win over Maidenhead (with two set wins for Graham Outrim and one each for Daryl Griffith and Richard Fifield).

Reading took a credible second place after a draw against Bracknell, which included two set wins from Graham Diplock and one from senior veteran John Barclay, and another draw against Maidenhead, with Graham and John again providing the points. Third player Steve Ricks was unlucky not to add any set wins.

Third place went to Maidenhead, who got the well-earned draw against Reading, with two set wins from Lawrence Russell and another Steve Miller, while they narrowly missed out 2-4 against Bracknell, this time with single set wins from Steve Miller and Simon Wilde.

The scratch games were provided by a (not so) Veterans All Star team of Eric Van Looy, Chris Collins, Bas Mocharrifie and Hari Prasad, who received thanks from the Berkshire Committee.

TeamWinDrawLossPeisley Points
Bracknell & Wokingham Vets1104
Reading & District Vets0203
Maidenhead Vets0112

Reading & District retained the overall Peisley Trophy after both Senior and Veteran results were added up, with Bracknell & Wokingham runners-up and Maidenhead finishing in third place.

LeagueTotal Peisey Points
Reading & District7
Bracknell & Wokingham6

Reort by Eric Van Looy (Event Organiser) and Adam McTiernan (Press Secretary)

Reading Seniors Team

Reading Seniors - Daniel Moses, Daniel McTiernan & Sam Ricks - Click on image to enlarge.